Sessions in Nature

I hold both one-to-one and group sessions in beautiful natural places around Stroud, and near Bristol, UK. 

What I am offering falls somewhere between nature-connection meditation, coaching and psychotherapy. I am psychotherapeutically trained, which allows me to safely hold space for you. And at the same time, I will support you to enter your own natural Self leadership. This happens through gradually deepening awareness of yourself, by learning to love yourself as you are, as part of the world.

For more about how about what happens in an ecotherapy session with me see here.

Or read more about my therapy approach in general here

One-One Ecotherapy Sessions


One to one sessions are a chance to reconnect to the centre of who you are. I can support you to come into loving relationship with what is happening in your emotions, body and mind, and ultimately welcome all parts of yourself. It can be inspiring and supportive to do this work out in nature, rather that shut away in a room.

Sessions last between 1 and 2.5 hours depending on what works well for us both. 

I can offer regular sessions, though these may not be every week.  I  can also offer ‘one-off’ sessions – as and when needed. Or a set series of sessions with a particular focus.


Relationship Coaching

I am not currently offering couples therapy, but I do offer Relationship coaching. 

If you feel trapped in repeating patterns in your relationships then you may find Relationship coaching helpful. 

It may be that you struggle to find meaningful relationships, or perhaps you need space to explore what his happening in your current relationships. You might, for example, want to unpack what it happening with a partner, a colleague or a family member. Being a parent can also bring up a lot of difficult feelings, and there is sometimes nowhere to share this. 

Relationships often show us the places where we need to give ourselves more love, and this can lead to healing in our lives.


Nature-Connected IFS Groupwork

For groups of 2 – 10 people I can facilitate Nature Connected IFS group work. These sessions follow a flexible workshop/groupwork format. I can lead IFS informed nature connection exercises, and also hold space to explore what is arising in the group. 

I can also teach aspects of IFS using the natural world and create opportunities to explore these in an embodied way.

Workshop days can be up to five hours long with a break in the middle. The longer time frame can also be helpful if you live further away and are curious to experience Nature Connected IFS in a group. . (Stroud is only 1.5 hours from London on the train). 

If you know some people who you would like to share this experience with, please feel free to get in touch to discuss what I can offer. Following an initial discussion I can create something that will respond to the needs and interests of the group.

Why do therapeutic work in nature?

Many people choose to go into nature to nourish and resource themselves. Whether its unwinding by walking the dog, or spending a few minutes watching a sunset, nature can help us to step out of our everyday selves and into a calmer more regulated state. We slow down, open our awareness and reconnect to our inner resources. 

When we reconnect, we create space to explore our inner world, and at a level where real change is possible.

In addition to this, being in nature can be a rich source of creativity. The natural world was not created by human minds, and this makes it a powerful place for us to be. Sometimes it can seem like nature is offering ‘invitations’: Signs and symbols are everywhere in nature- if you are the type of person that wants to explore in that way. We are actually part of nature, and nature can reflect us back to ourselves.

Being outside can also challenge us in different ways, and I am happy to be your support and guide in welcoming the parts of you that feel the challenges, whatever they are for you.  This can be an important part of the ecotherapy journey, and lead to a greater sense of connection to yourself and the world around you. Sometimes there are ‘distractions’- such as the weather, kids playing, dog’s barking, or other people in the vicinity. These are usually easier to navigate than one might expect, and often they can elicit an internal response which creates new awareness and inspires an important new direction. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have about working outside, or any aspect of what I offer. We can arrange an initial phone/video call chat if that feels helpful.

What happens in an ecotherapy session?

During a session, the process of reconnection can happen in lots of different ways. Some examples might be: connecting with a specific part of nature (eg ‘the view’ or a tree), bringing in awareness of our bodies as part of nature, guided mediations, fast or slow walking. What we do will depend very much on the you, and some people prefer just to ‘be in nature’ without any additional cues from me around nature connection.

I can hold a space for you to explore different aspects of your life and personality in order to better understand your internal relationships, and ultimately welcome all parts of yourself. This can bring a lot of clarity, freedom and joy to life, and especially to interpersonal relationships. Though it may not always seem like it, we actually have everything we need to heal and be happy already inside of us. My primary role as an ecotherapist is to help you reconnect to this essence of who you are, with the support of nature. 

It can be wonderful for all parts of your personality, including those that have been shut off for various reasons, to be welcomed into your loving awareness. I provide a warm, creative and confidential space for this to unfold.


Presence is the first step

Coming into presence with what is happening now.

Thinking is welcome. So is feeling. 

The colours of the leaves; that tension in my shoulders; a smile I didn’t know I had; not knowing, and knowing at the same time.. 

Learning to welcome ourselves, even to love ourselves. 

And loving ourselves really can heal us. And enable us to choose.